Busting myths about Gender Identity “Conversion Therapy”

What Actually Is Conversion Therapy?

“Conversion therapy” is used as an umbrella term to describe interventions of a wide-ranging nature, all of which are premised on the belief that a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity, including gender expression, can and should be changed or suppressed when they do not fall under what other actors in a given setting and time perceive as the desirable norm, in particular when the person is lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or gender diverse. Such practices are therefore consistently aime
https://irct.org/uploads/media/Its_torture_not_therapy_a_global_overview_of_conversion_therapy.pdf — Conversion therapy — also known as sexual orientation change effort (SOCE), reparative therapy, reintegrative therapy, reorientation therapy, ex-gay therapy, and gay cure — proclaims to change, ‘repair’ or ‘cure’ an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Most major medical and mental health associations have condemned it due to evidence that it’s harmful and its lack of scientific ba
https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/SexualOrientation/IESOGI/CSOsAJ/IFEG_Statement_on_C.T._for_publication.pdf — Conversion therapy is a set of practices that aim to change or alter an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It is premised on a belief that an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity can be changed and that doing so is a desirable outcome for the individual, family, or community. Other terms used to describe this practice include sexual orientation change
https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/media/cptnc5qm/mou2-reva_0421_web.pdf -For the purposes of this document ’conversion therapy’ is an umbrella term for a therapeutic approach, or any model or individual viewpoint that demonstrates an assumption that any sexual orientation or gender identity is inherently preferable to any other, and which attempts to bring about a change of sexual orientation or gender identity, or seeks to suppress an individual’s expression of sexual orientation or gender ident

But talking therapies aren’t abusive like aversion therapy and corrective rape?

Isn’t conversion therapy only something applied to homosexuality?

“There is no evidence that anyone has used conversion therapy to attempt to ‘cure’ a person of their gender identity”

  • Gender identity conversion therapy takes place in the UK
  • Gender identity conversion therapy is harmful and has negative impacts on public health
  • A gender identity conversion therapy ban is popular among those who’ve undergone the practice.

Claims that the MOU forces therapists to abandon exploratory approaches


  • Gender conversion therapy is not a thing of the past
  • Talking therapies are routinely part of it
  • There are multiple crossovers and a shared history between Gender and Sexuality related conversion therapies
  • The MOU is open to exploratory and supportive therapy and does not prevent these. It only rules out agenda driven attempts at conversion.



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