Female Embodiment Fantasies

or “Must we save sexology?”

Mini pre-note: I’m trying to add open access links where I can, if I’m missing any let me know.

Slight preamble

I’ve been reading, albeit out-of-order, articles from Vincent, Erikainen and Pearce’s collection of essays TERF Wars: Feminism and the fight for transgender futures. The entire work has been an excellent overview of trans, radical and queer feminist perspectives on issues raised by the recently re-ignited anti-trans border wars within feminism. It also serves as a much needed review of how these have broken into collaborations with the religious and nationalist far rights, which I would highly recommend to anyone on this topic. I may write a broader review at a later point, but particular standouts for me include Sally Hines’ contribution addressing the historic evolution of feminist “Sex Wars” as a core philosophical debate within Western feminism for at least 150 years (with a rare and important inclusion of elements in other parts of European feminism outside of the US), Emi Koyama’s classic essay “Whose feminism is it anyway” confronting the implicit racism of assimilationist white middle class trans women as well as exclusionary feminisms, and an especially important contribution from Rowan Hildebrand-Chupp challenging the shared contempt for detransitioners produced by both sides of the “TERF War” effectively sharing an ideology driven by the values of eliminating detransition (whether to maintain access to transition services or to eliminate them).

On Julia Serano’s reparative sexology

Julia Serano has replied to my thoughts here. https://twitter.com/JuliaSerano/status/1294820952086163456?s=19


Serano gives a compelling psychological account for how transfeminine experiences of FEFs end up transitioning through a sensationalised “other-bodied” phase towards a resolved self-embodiment which will no doubt help readers have an improved ability to relate or empathise with the awkwardness of how sexuality can relate to transition, and I have no doubt this is providing vital and useful information in an accessible way.

is a trans woman, sometime activist and researcher of cis studies.

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