Hi, I’ve talked to a bunch of people over the last couple of years who’ve been through what you’ve been through and it’s extremely tough.

I don’t want to say too much because I know how common it is to be pulled one way or another by people either side with an agenda, but I think you’re extremely courageous for coming out and saying this (despite all the controversy and potential backlash).

I read your previous work as CCC. I hope things are more stable for you now you’ve written this but either way I want to be clear that there are people who are out rooting for you wherever your relationship with gender and identity lead (including for folks where that is detransition, transition, or just being stuck out on the margins of gender trying to get by without too much hassle).

Life’s too short to be miserable.

All the best,

M (@Chican3ry on Twitter if you ever want to hmu, DMs are open)

is a trans woman, sometime activist and researcher of cis studies.

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